Richard Chen

I am a 3rd year pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at UC Irvine.
I am looking for opportunities as a Software Developer working with Web Development and/or Full Stack Development.
My goal is to constantly grow from my experiences and to make an impact on people whom I interact with everyday.

About Me

My hobbies include dancing, playing sports, listening to music, spending time with friends, and getting involved in my community.
I am a member of Urban Motus, an exhibition dance team at UC Irvine, as well as Alpha Phi Omega, a commmunity service organization at UC Irvine.

gallery photo
Urban Motus - 9th Generation
Hudson River - New York, NY
Urban Motus - OC Night Market
Brooklyn Bridge - New York, NY
Carnegie Hall - New York, NY
ΑΦΩ - Dance Comp 2019
Times Square - New York, NY
ΑΦΩ - Alpha Iota Class


UC Irvine

B.S. Computer Science
Expected Graduation: June 2020
Cumulative GPA: 3.75
Major GPA: 3.85

Here are some relevant courses I have taken at UCI:
I&C SCI 46: Data Structure Implementation and Analysis
COMPSCI 141: Concepts in Programming Languages I
COMPSCI 122A: Introduction to Data Management (SQL)
COMPSCI 121: Introduction to Data Retrieval
I&C SCI 45C: Programming in C/C++ as a Second Language
I&C SCI 45J: Programming in Java as a Second Language
I&C SCI 32: Programming with Software Libraries (Python)
IN4MATX 43: Introduction to Software Engineering


IT Security and Full Stack Developer


I will be helping develop the authentication page for student and faculty services on UCI's website.



Alpha Phi Omega

As the Alpha Phi Omega webmaster, I debugged over 15,000 lines of outdated PHP code for the club's website that was prone to SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

I manage the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin by writing SQL queries to periodically update the website.

Languages/Frameworks: PHP, MySQL

AppJam+ Mentor

Dreams for Schools

As an AppJam+ mentor this fall, I am helping middle school students discover their passion for programming and various career paths in STEM through the learning of mobile application development. Through this program I hope to inspire the next generation of programmers.

As the mentor of a small team of students, I am helping lead the construction of an educational mobile game application on the Android Thunkable platform. Throughout the project, students learn basic but fundamental programming concepts.

ICS Lab Tutor

UCI ICS Department

I am a tutor for the following courses at UCI:
I&C SCI 32: Programming with Software Libraries (Python)

As a lab tutor, I host lab sessions for students to help debug code for course projects and teach concepts including but not limited to paths/directories, network protocols, APIs, and graphical user interfaces.

Languages/Frameworks: Python


Price Match

Price Match is a web application that helps price match items by recording details of every shopper's purchase.

Shoppers can record the price and location of every item they purchase and through several records, can discover the locations with the most affordable prices. The shopping cart feature compliles a list for people to view when going on their next shopping trip.

I developed both the backend and frontend infrastructure and used MySQL to collect user information and shopping item details.

Languages/Frameworks: Python, Flask, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript


Abridge is a web application that allows people to find the quickest and shortest route to any location.

Given a start location and a search query (e.g. Shell gas station, gym, supermarket), the user is given step-by-step directions to the closest location that satisfies the search. The route of the trip is shown in a map, while the user can access the street view for both start and end locations.

I implemented both the backend and frontend infrastructure for the application. I developed the backend server on Flask and used Google's Directions API and Maps Embed API to allow the user to switch between different map modes and view details about the trip such as time, distance, and directions.

Languages/Frameworks: Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery
APIs: Google Maps Embed API, Google Maps Directions API, Google Maps Places API